Monday, October 20, 2014

41/52 42/52

 A Photo Series 'A picture of my child once a week, every week for a year'

He is one cool kid

I submit that there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping child. I look at this and forget everything.


And now if you don't mind, a few more pictures from our pumpkin patching, Because what is a pumpkin patch for if not to take some fall-ish pictures to post on social media? Just kidding, we were there for the llamas.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Observations of a New Mom: Part 4

^^^There is nothing better than just because hugs from behind from your child, except maybe them running towards you for a hug when they see you.

++Reading to Everett is fun for him, but also a memorization test for myself. I could do Brown Bear Brown Bear, and Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaur with my eyes closed backwards and forwards.

++I close all doors at all times, and in all places very slowly and very quietly, regardless if Everett's sleeping or not out of habit. I found myself doing it at a friends house the other day, making sure the lock didn't click just right.

++The only time my house is ever clean is the five minutes before Everett wakes up from his nap

++Legitimate conversations between Ben and I:
                   "Why would they want to build a clubhouse in Brobee land if they are mad at Brobee in the first place?!"
                   "I would have really loved to be at that wedding" "what wedding?" "Flynn and Rapunzels."
                   "Flynn Ryder is genuinely so hot"
                   "If Barney is a dinosaur from their imagination like the song clearly states, then why do adults see and interact with him as well? Should those adults be around children?"

++Cutting grapes in half is the bane of my existence. Yes I've seen the youtube 'trick', also the worst.

++ I am willing to bet Frozen has surpassed Anchorman as the most quoted movie of all time.  My personal favorites "Yoo-hoo Family" and "All good things, all good things"  (I know some non moms are thinking hmmm it seems like she let's him watch a lot of TV, I don't, sometimes he just needs a little vitamin ipad in the car and while I go to the bathroom, relax.)

++The backseat of our car has become a place where fruit snacks and goldfish go to die.

++This (see below) was in my hair for a couple hours before I noticed, through the entire grocery store, the drive home, lunch and naptime:
++If you see a cart full of groceries  just left and abandoned in the middle of the store, you know there was a toddler there recently who threw a tantrum so epic, the best thing to do was just abandon ship and get the heck out of there.

++Toddlers are the weirdest most hilarious little humans and (for the most part) we are having a blast!

Observations of a new mom Part I and Part II  and Part III.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Canadians Give Thanks

^^^Our friend Britton who kindly took Everett on about 23 'rides' at the park. Everett was in heaven.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving in my home and native land. I'm a little homesick and craving stuffing. And if one more American asks me what we have to be thankful for up there?!.....whhhhyioughta

I'm feeling grateful for the little things today. Ben has the day off, he gives me 20 minutes of solo time to lay in my bed and do absolutely nothing daily when he wakes up from night shifts, and we are going to the pumpkin patch tonight! Happy Thanksgiving friends, I hope your turkey was tasty and your gravy lump-free!

I'm thankful for my Everett and that I get to be his mom.
I'm thankful for my hard working husband who makes me laugh so hard.
I'm thankful for church on Sundays, a ward community, a prophet to listen to and the knowledge of forever families.
I'm thankful for all of our family and their health.
I'm thankful that my brother and sister live in Provo!
I'm thankful for a warm, comfortable bed to sleep in and that Everett can get in with us for a party of 3!
I'm thankful for Swig sugar cookies and cinnamon bears and bottled water and Cafe Rio.
I'm thankful I can stay home with Everett for right now
I'm thankful for our little apartment that we (mostly) love.
I'm thankful for good friends who love Everett too.
I'm thankful for naptime and a favorite show or a good book to relax with.
I'm thankful for factime.
I'm thankful for Canada (and America's) Freedom!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Well I told you I read all the 'Vampire Academy' series, and then I read the spin off series 'Bloodlines', which I also really sank my teeth into. A week later and I still think about it all the time, the sign of a good book (or a teenage wannabe young adult fiction fangirl). I also read 'Gone Girl' the other day because I have plans to see the movie this week and I just think the responsible thing to do is read the book before you see the movie, I just can't do it without reading the book first. Gone Girl: I have no idea how to feel about that book. I really don't even know if I liked it even though I couldn't put it down. It was just so crazy and you don't know whose side you are on throughout the whole thing, although I was picturing Ben Affleck as Nick the whole time so obviously his side. It was crazy, quite literally but I am really excited to see the movie.

To go back to Arizona! We were able to go last week with my family for a week and it was so relaxing and warm and great.  We basically do three things there and I am ok with that, actually it is ideal: Swim, shop, eat. And we do those three things well. We go to my favorite Tia Rosa's for tacos and my Canadian dwelling parents have to hit up Cafe Rio and In N Out and of course Lucilles. We also had to go to Last Chance (The Nordstrom Rack of Nordstrom Rack) and I scored huge this time! I'm talking $160 boots for $30 kind of deals, which is basically the ultimate shoppers high that I rode all week long. It was so fun to see my little sister Hailey who I haven't seen in too long and to beat my parents at Rook (well we would have before Everett woke up)

Ben!! It is our four year anniversary tomorrow! We didn't forget it per se, It's just that when Ben asked me what days he needed off work in October, we just both forgot our anni was in fact in October. We realized when it was too late and Ben was working that day (Forgetting our anniversary? what are we 40?!) Anyways! We celebrated Monday with a fantastic dinner at a new Provo Restaurant called Tamarack (seriously GO!) and then a luxurious sans-child trip to Target where we got some black out curtains and a new candle. It was very romantic. Also I should mention, you know the amazing Volcano Anthro Blogger Candles?! Well Target has a knock off and they smell identical, three people have smell-tested and confirmed this for me and so much cheaper! It is called Island Moonlight by Bella Llume. Well it turns out, Ben was able to get Thursday off and so double date week, we are going to go out again tomorrow, things are getting crazy. We are going to see Gone Girl and then maybe back to where it all began-a molten cake at Chilis (is for lovers)

Happy 4 years Ben! You are still the best decision I have made yet! I love the life we have made together so far and you are the only one I can imagine it with. Love your guts!

HALLOWEEN!? I don't even love Halloween THAT much, although I have been known to take my costumes very seriously in the past. Although this year, Everett is old enough to maybe go a block or two of trick or treating and I am very overly excited about that! Then Ben and I will eat all his Snickers and Reese (respectively) after he is asleep, which just seems like a parental rite of passage! We'll also do the whole pumpkin patch/carving/cookies/bread, the whole shebang for this fam! GO FALL!
^^^Last Year Halloween. This child!

Ever since I had such a bomb, good for the soul girls night out at the Colbie Calliet concert, I have been craving some good girl power-lovey-indie-poppie-all the feelings songs. You know the songs you listen to while sitting in a hot bubble bath with candles and stuff, so like twice a year playlist.  Here's the one I made for your humpday!

Monday, October 6, 2014

39/52 40/52

                             A Photo Series 'A picture of my child once a week, every week for a year'

Latley, Everett is such a daddy's boy. I don't mind. My baby who has never liked shoulder rides, is now a toddler who loves to be on his dad's shoulders, but not a normal shoulder ride, he likes to rest his head and relax way up there. It's his spot.

The new Gilbert Arizona Temple....and an airplane, which seems just as exciting every time!

{I can't believe we are at week 40 already!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

'Move over Zorro'......'Zorro? I'm too young to understand that reference'

This post is about nothing in particular, just some random things I have to say and also an excuse to post my camping pictures

++Guys, it is my favorite time of  year and not because of all the blogger cliches like scarves and boots and pumpkin fairy dust, it is because SEPTEMBER is TV PREMIERE MONTH!!! The gang is all coming back! Mindy Project started again last week and I'll say it again, I want to be best friends with both fictional and real life Mindy, serious LOLZ. Vampire Diaries is getting so crazy and I am losing hope in a Stelena happy ending, but weirdly ok with him and Caroline's flirtations. Also Greys, I love you, you are my favorite show of all time but it's probably time to wrap it up. It also pains me deeply that this will be the last season of Parenthood and I am so not on board with Huck and Quinn on Scandal, so not on board!

++We went camping this weekend with some dear friends in the most beautiful luscious canyon. It was Everett's first time and how is it so fun to do first-time stuff with kids?! He was such a little joy cracker the whole time.  And despite waking up to pouring rain, that my hair still smells like campfire and the loads of laundry I now have it was ppppeeeerrrrffff.......Now we are home, showered, had a glorious nap, Ben is watching football and Everett is stacking a tower of 300 blank cd's.

++Do you know that Ben is an apple ha-ha-ha-hater and I am an iphone lover, it is basically like the Capulets and the Montagues over here. This new iphone 6 hype has obviously caused some turmoil in our home but we are working through these issues and trying to not bring up sensitive issues like the 'only an 8 mp camera?! scoff' and 'I don't care who had it first, apple made it AWESOMER?!'

++We played the always entertaining 'The Newlywed Game' with our couple friends while camping.  One question to the men was 'What would your wife say she wants more of: Hugs, Kisses or lovin ;)? I said 'hugs' and Ben had written down 'kisses'.  Upon hearing I said hugs Ben says 'Hugs? you want more hugs? Who wants hugs? We don't like hugs! Do we? We hug enough! Hugs? You just want to go up to each other and just hug?' Surprisingly we actually won the game last night cinching it with ' Does he prefer ice cream sandwich, cone or sundae?' Sandwich ALL DAY!

++I forsook all my motherly duties and read all six Vampire Academy books in like 3 days (don't judge a book by its movie) and I actually really loved them. They are edgier than Twilight and more organized than Vampire Diaries.  I currently have a mega crush on a fictional character named Adrian Ivashkov. Anyone else read this series?

++Do you ever get in those moods where you want to just buy everything.  I have like a list of 100 things on my wishlist on my phone right now and I know its all very materialistic but sometimes this mood just strikes me. On the list are these perfect bracelets (Ben it's our anniversary in 2 weeks!!) and a leather jacket and this duvet cover and all the grey sweaters and jogger pants!!!

^^^Jordan and Britt introduced us to this awesome outdoor Sweish game called Kubb
^^^"What does the Bear say?'

^^^Ever and Gray // Trying to put the moves on Luie

Sunday, September 21, 2014


A Photo Series 'A picture of my child once a week, every week for a year'

Everett went camping for the first time this week, he was a natural.
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