Monday, August 17, 2015


          'A picture of my child, once a week, every week for a year'

 Can never have enough sleeping pictures.  His favorite stuffies on rotation right now are puppy, glow bear, bubba and kitty cat (we are super creative with their names as you can see)

 Oh the life of a toddler #unemployed #getajobalready ;)

 FISH! He constantly has his mouth open while swimming, put it in, spit it out, repeat.

 Maybe his favorite place in the world, man we miss Ben this summer.

I'm sensing a theme in all these pictures.....

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer by the Numbers

The daily pool crew 

This feels like a summer-is-ending-wrap-up-post and it kind of is, but don't worry, I plan on squeezing every last drop of summer-ness out of these last three weeks.  This summer has been all over the place for us:

6 flights
4 states (+1 province)
2 twelve hour road trips with each of my siblings (I owe you guys one)
1682 hours of swimming
95/120 days without Ben :(
6 different beds
7 trips to the doctor
247 episodes of Peppa Pig
4 puddle jumper (waterwing thingys) purchases-I forgot them at every place we travelled
and 1 growing baby belly

It has been the kind of summer I pictured when I thought about being a mom, on the go all day, swimming and ice cream cones, sunscreen smelling hair during long midday naps, walks before a way too late bedtime, eating corn on the cob every night, scraped knees and a pile of dirt and sand in the bathtub every night. We sure have missed Ben though, it is just not the same without him and as much as I have loved this summer and all the time we have got to spend with my family in Canada,  I am looking forward to getting back to a life as a family of 3 (and a half) and getting back into a routine, having our own place, going to bed with my husband instead of my toddler and having Ben change all the dirty diapers from now until Christmas ;)

Everett has been my little sidekick buddy all summer, literally we spend every waking hour together, and sleeping hours together actually. I have completely ruined all the sleep training we did and he has slept in the same bed with me all summer. I know, it is a really bad habit but at the same time it has been really special to lay and talk with him while we fall asleep every night and then him waking in the middle of the night, needing to roll on top of me or just touch my hand to fall back asleep.  I can't really explain it and sometimes I don't even know what he is saying but those are times I will never forget, just chatting about our day and everything under the sun, laughing and teaching him how to say our night time prayers all while feeling his baby brother kick-kick-kick wanting to join the conversation. I am so glad I got to spend this one on one time with E before his world gets flipped on its head and he has to share me with another needy tiny human.

Speaking of the tiny human, poor baby, I forget he is in there most days. But I do I LOVE being pregnant this time around, I can't believe how different of an experience it is when you are not throwing up the whole time, actually I can believe it. I am loving it, I get why people do this multiple times! As I enter the third trimester the nesting bug is creeping in and I am anxious to get back and go look through piles of Everett's newborn clothes and scrub baseboards or something. I dream about labor and the baby all the time and am constantly looking at baby name apps trying to picture if this next one will look just like Everett or be the complete opposite and look like Ben.

So IN CONCLUSION, Summer has been top notch and a toddlers dream but we are just about ready to call it and live with our daddio in zion again ;) 

I'm behind on all my summer blog posts, so instead I am dumping all my pictures and calling it A-ok!

This became a bi-weekly accidental tradition while we were in California, if you are ever in Ventura county, try Toppers Pizza, tell them Cassie sent you! JK they have no clue who I am/// Everett's 30th flight! He is quite the pro now.

I have like 200 pictures just like this on my camera roll, he has no fear in the pool /// my parents beautiful patio at 10pm in Alberta, it never gets dark, we are practically Antarctica
I FINALLY bought one of those 20 dollar airport neck pillows because my arm would go completely numb when he fell asleep on me for the whole flight. Worth every penny.

Quintessential summer photos (I spelt that right on the first try!!!)

Some of our best friends are moving to Louisiana and I am so glad I got to see them once more while we were in Utah, also don't move k? //// This was about as good as it got on Pioneer Day for us, but Everett was actually completely thrilled so a win!

We got to see Ben for 5 glorious days in Utah while we attended his sister and her family getting sealed. I am pretty sure Everett never left his arms. #mixedracefamilies #justkidding #heswhite

MacLennan Echo Lake Reunion this year was amazing!
Baby bowling shoes?! are you kidding me right now.

oops repeat picture, too lazy to change it /// 23 weeks
Everett and pretty nana /// Everett's best friend cousin Tosh

The beautiful family getting sealed /// Everett and his aunt Alex.
Grandpa Tremblay /// FAM
 28 weeks, hiding out from Everett in nursery at church, wondering if by the time the baby gets here he will go in by himself. Highly unlikely.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Baby Making: 25 Weeks

Waterton 2015

Well here is my annual Waterton post, with mostly all the same pictures, just a year older (And if that isn't an enticing intro I don't know what is)

We went camping last weekend there with my parents and little sister and it was a quick, fun, very windy trip. If you ask Everett what we did in Waterton he says 'throw rocks' which he's not wrong about, there are a lot of good places to throw rocks and it was his and Hailey's preferred activity. Despite the winds being like 1000 km/h we still did all the good things including a quarter of the easiest hike there, mainstreet, ice cream at Big Scoop and Red Rock Canyon.  The wind snubbed our wiener roast and so we ate a Waterton restaurant for probably the first time in my life (we have had a cabin there until recently) which actually tasted like the best, overpriced burger this pregnant lady could have asked for!

All in all it was a success because breakfasts while camping can't be beat and I got some good pictures...

^^^Look at that 'tude

 ^^^^This is basically how we slept.....all night!

^^^I have this same picture from the last two years but this year didn't have my wide angle lens and we were about to blow off the cliff so not as epic, but there's always next year.

Monday, July 13, 2015

25/52 26/52 27/52 28/52

          'A picture of my child, once a week, every week for a year'

Some of these are re-posts from blog posts from the past few weeks.

'Science is fun! This needed to be documented'

'I believe in magic'

'aaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll dddddddddddddaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy'

 'Everett goes camping in Waterton'

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Magic Kingdom

Oh Disney, Disney, Disney. A day at Disney for Ben's birthday was everything we wanted and more.  I teared up twice, once because the air conditioning on It's a Small World was so so beautiful and second during the Mickey Soundtastic parade because it was so classically Disney and the music was so loud and the dancers and characters were SO happy and I just love my family!

Everett did so much better than we even hoped. He played hard and was thoroughly over stimulated from the second we got there till the second we left, he did something he has never done before: FELL ASLEEP IN HIS STROLLER for a little nap, so I booked it to an air conditioned room and Ben hit up the single rider lines for the fun rides that his pregnant wife and toddler couldn't do! Everett's favorite parts were the parades (they really were incredible) and Gadget's Go Coaster, which I thought he would scream and cry on but he loved it!

All in all, a really really good day, my only regrets were the two $4 dollar churros that weren't even close to as good as Costco's and not braving the lllllooonnngggg lines for a picture with characters.

Until next time Walt!

Oh also: I saw my favorite famous blogger Sydney from the Daybook like four times! (But I was too chicken, and sweaty, to talk to her!)
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